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Lucisphere.com : SEO Contest Friendly

mardi 12 septembre 2006


ced is joining us for the ambatchdotcom seocontest.
we are pleased to welcome him !

we expect to see SuperDupont to. he might be late !

ps : ced, how is the cassoulet ?

samedi 9 septembre 2006

Our ambatchdotcom seocontest is nearly on first page

Great news we are currently at the eleven position in the ambatchdotcom seocontest competition

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lundi 4 septembre 2006

soutenir lucie

soutenir lucie de la sphere cela va de soi !
mais, il y a encore mieux à faire. car je trouve que notre lucie est encore inconnue, parmi les 30 400 000 pages.
faisons en sorte qu'elle arrive 1ère.

samedi 2 septembre 2006

thalie vs lucie

vous délaissez lucie pour les beaux oeufs de thalie ?
lucie ne va pas se laisser faire car lucie sait y faire !

mercredi 30 août 2006

what a surprise !

just back from a week of holydays, i am quite surprised to discover that my ambatchdotcom seocontest page is not so badly ranked !
unfortunatly, i won't have enought time to feed it !!!
C U soon !
good luck to all lucisphere team members !

lundi 21 août 2006

tictact joins the contest

hello word
tictact is pleased to join his friends XavFun, Crazy, Tiger in the task of trying to rank the words " ambatchdotcom seocontest " to the first place in Google.
good luck to us

jeudi 10 août 2006

Ambatch ? SEO ?

have see this strange topic about ambatchdotcom seocontest ? This is a dirty screen cap from Crazy, we can talk about a Crazyfication I think :-)

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